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"Remember it's not just about passing your test as quickly and cheaply as possible. With Ldc Radyr, it's about learning a skill which will keep you safe and you will enjoy for the rest of your life. You can't put a price on that! "
"Plan for success, not deal with failure!"  that's our motto, nobody can guarantee you'll pass your Driving Test first time, it's not just down to skills you learn behind the wheel or through study.
You'll be learning in a relaxed atmosphere, safe in the knowledge both your time and ours will be used to make you a safe and confident driver. 
Through out your training you will benefit from our expertise in advanced and defensive driving.
You will not be taught driving test routes, you will learn to read the road, drive at an appropriate speed and make safe progress it's called COAST. The Police use and recommend this system, after all it's in the Police Drivers Handbook Road Craft and unchanged for over 50 years!
It's the way we drive and coach these techniques, why would we teach you any differently? 


                                   Lesson Prices


  • Pay at time of lesson - 1.5/2hour lesson (Learners only) - 22 per hour
  • 10 hours Block Booking paid in advance of lessons -  210
  • DSA Practical Test -  62
  • Pass Plus Cymru - 20
  • Pass Plus - 160


Unfortunatly, we do not carry out intensive or semi intensive courses over a few weeks. If you choose this method to pass your test, have you learnt a lifetime skill or only learnt the basics, just enough to pass a test?