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The Benefits To Your Company
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As we have mentioned previously on the Employer's responsibilites to drivers, all drivers must have a risk assessment (Health & Safety at work regulation 1999).
The act applies to large companines and organisations, the small company and the self-employed.
The act includes work related journeys and covers all drivers whether they are in company vehicles, using their own vehicles for business, freelance, agency, temporary or contract workers. Remember it also covers pick up or moving items around from one premises to another.
  • If you have under 5 employees there is no need to keep a record of risk assessent records
  • If you have over 5 employees you must keep a record of your risk assessment records.              

Remember that company vehicles are classed as a place of work.

The Benefits.

Apart from the possibility of senoir management facing large fines or possible imprisonment there are some major benefits.

The true cost of accidents to organisations are nearly always higher than just the cost of repairs and insurance claims. The consequences of an accident on the self-employed and small businesses are likely to be proportionately greater than on a larger business with greater reasources. The benefits to you from managing work-related road safety can be very worth while, no matter what the size of your business.

It allows you to exercise better control over costs, such as fuel, wear and tear, insurance premiums, legal fees and claims from employees and third parties.

It also allow you to make informed decisions about matters such as driving training and vehicle purchase, and helps you identify where health and safety and safety improvements can be made.

Case studies and reaserch have shown the benfits from managing work-related road safety and reducing accidents include:

  • Fewer days lost due to injury
  • Reduced risk of work-related ill health
  • Reduced stress and improved moral
  • Less lost time due to work rescheduling
  • Fewer vehicles off road for repair
  • Reduced vehicle maintenace costs
  • Can increase resale vehicle values 
  • Reduced running costs through better driving standards
  • Better fuel consumption
  • Improved company image, do your vechiles look good with dents and scratches or drivers speeding wirh your name on it?  
  • Fewer missed orders and business opportunities so reduced risk of losing good will of customers
  • Savings on your fleet insurance
  • Less chance of key employees being banned from driving, e.g. as a result of points on their licence

Some of the above you will not have planned into your business budgets and may have massive concequencies on your business model and future growth. 

Promoting sound health and safety driving practices and a good safety culture at work may well spill over onto private driving, which could reduce the chances of staff being injured in an accident outside work.  

How can Radyr Training Services help you?
The aim of Radyr Training Services is to improve road safety whilst achieving this we can help you reduce the accident risk within your vehicle fleet therefore saving you company money.
The Training.
We offer customised training to suit customer needs, in order to reduce accidents on the road, cut costs and increase personal, as well as business performance.
Our driver training courses are designed  to deliver enjoyable and interactive learning experience, and will achieve lasting benefits. We can deliver a course to forfil your company requirements. 
Training can be carried out around your business needs at your place of work, we can also offer on the job risk assessments.
Whatever your needs we can negotiate a competitive rate. A great deal of your costs is tax recoverable, plus the benefits of driver training will almost certainly reimburse the expenditure incurred and deliver savings year on year.
The training is designed to to identify the areas needed to improve and develop your employees into safer and better prepared drivers. The training will be flexible enough to cater for all levels of professionalism and experience from the professsional sales executive to the newly qualified driver lacking in confidence.
We will treat all of your employees with the respect and tact that experienced (and often professional) drivers deserve and expect. We feel that we can help drivers of all skill levels and experience to reduce their risk, their fuel consumption and raise their attention levels during driving. 
The benefits of driver training do not just stop at developing a persons driving technique but it also looks at their behaviourable patterns and their attitude towards their driving.
The training could start with a PowerPoint presentation if required to either individuals, a small group or the whole of your company. The presentation would be about risks on the road or any other topic you may like to be addressed.